Payment Guarantee

Payment Guarantee is a fraud protection solution that analyzes transactions for risk and provides a guarantee that covers the cost of the transaction if it is returned as fraudulent. Payment Guarantee combines device fingerprinting and behavioral analysis with our machine learning engine and a database of trillions of transaction data points to identify fraud.

Payment Guarantee includes Vesta’s Zero-Fraud Guarantee. If we guarantee a transaction that is later determined to be fraudulent, Vesta will handle it fully - both the cost and the headache.

With Payment Guarantee, you can request a risk analysis and guarantee decision before or after you submit the transaction for authorization. By accepting safe transactions and rejecting risky transactions, you can increase your store’s acceptance rate while minimizing your exposure to risk due to fraud. Payment Guarantee runs entirely in the background, which minimizes shopping cart abandonment and ensures that you can maintain your store’s customer experience.


Reduce fraud risk, ensure a seamless user experience, and gain insights about your business. The features of Payment Guarantee can increase your revenue, minimize your costs associated with fraud, and reduce order abandonment.

Fraud Detection

Fraud detection works across all sales channels and supports multiple payment types including all card-not-present transactions (Web, mobile, phone), prepaid, ACH, Apple Pay, eCheck, and more. Vesta’s machine learning and behavioral models analyze data from multiple sources to detect fraud, assess risk, and provide guarantee decisions.

Customer Experience

By automatically applying the correct level of authentication to each transaction, Payment Guarantee reduces order abandonment by allowing many of your customers to complete their purchases without having to verify their identity. If a transaction requires additional verification, Vesta applies the correct protocol.


Payment Guarantee includes access to our Partner Portal, which provides information about your transactions and orders. The portal also makes it easy to review chargebacks, file claims, and manage your Vesta account. We provide daily account updates via SFTP.

Vesta’s applications run on a secure, highly-available network operation center (NOC), which provides a 24/7/365, real-time payment service monitoring solution. We guarantee 99.99% uptime, which is supported by dual redundancy. Vesta’s services are always reliable, scalable, and available, which protects your digital revenue streams from service interruption and fraudulent attack.

Documentation Overview

The Payment Guarantee documentation includes details about the following topics:

  • How It Works - REST API and JavaScript methods make integration simple. Our back-end tools support Data Enrichment and Risk Analysis to provide unrivaled fraud detection for each transaction.
  • Integration - A step-by-step guide for setting up and using Payment Guarantee on your site.
  • Additional Features - Optional features that make it simple to accept even more transactions while minimizing abandonment, including Vesta’s Silent Pending and Manual Review services.
  • eCommerce Extensions - Integrate Vesta with your existing eCommerce solution, including Magento and Shopify.
  • 3D Secure - Enhance security without impacting customer experience with Vesta’s 3D Secure service, which automatically requires the correct level of authentication for every transaction.
  • Partner Portal - Dashboards and reports provide insight into chargebacks and fraud and make it easy to manage your Vesta account.