Device Fingerprinting - Web Integration

This page describes how to add Device Fingerprinting HTML to your project.

  1. Add the HTML below to the appropriate page of your site depending on your Vesta service.

  2. When you run the code, replace the {WebSessionID} and {OrgID} values with the values returned by the getSessionTags API resource. For details about the getSessionTags operation, see the API Specifications for the Vesta product that you use.

    <!-- Begin fingerprinting tags below -->
    <p style="background:url("{OrgID}"&session_id="{WebSessionID}"&m=1)"></p>
    <img src=""{OrgID}"&session_id={WebSessionID}"&m=2" alt=""/>
    <script src=""{OrgID}"&session_id="{WebSessionID}" type="text/javascript"></script>
    <!-- End fingerprinting tags -->