Device Fingerprinting - iOS Integration

This page describes how to add the Threatmetrix SDK to your iOS project.

Click here to download a zip file containing the files you will need.

Once you have added the ThreatMetrix files to your project, your application will automatically generate a device fingerprint during initialization.


The sections below describe how to add the ThreatMetrix modules to your iOS project. The Overview section describes the process and defines the files you will need to include. The Guide section provides step-by-step instructions for adding the modules to your project and ensuring that your application has the required settings.


Integrating Device Fingerprinting into your application requires creating new modules for the following files that are provided by Threatmetrix:

  • TMXProfilingConnections.dmg - Handles transferring data to and from the Threatmetrix backend.
  • TMXProfiling.dmg - Manages the generation of device profiles.


Follow the steps below to add the ThreatMetrix modules to your project:

  1. Save the ThreatMetrix modules to your local machine: TMXProfiling.dmg, and TMXProfilingConnections.dmg.

  2. Copy the following files to your application directory as shown in the image below: TMXProfiling.xcframework, and TMXProfilingConnections.xcframework. TMXBehavioralBiometrics is not required for this integration. Directories

  3. Open your application in Xcode.

  4. Select the “Project Navigator” panel in Xcode.

  5. Drag and drop the framework files from step 2 into your application.

  6. Select “Copy item if needed”.

  7. Make sure the correct target is selected in the “Add to targets” section as shown below: Targets

  8. Select the application target.

  9. Select the General tab.

  10. In the “Frameworks, Libraries and Embedded Content” section, make sure that the following files are added: TMXProfiling.xcframework, and TMXProfilingConnections.xcframework.

  11. Ensure that all files are included with the “Embed and Sign” setting, as described below:

    • Select the “Build Phases” tab.
    • Open the “Link Binary with Libraries” and “Embed Frameworks” sections and check that the ThreatMetrix files are listed, as shown in the image below. TMXBehavioralBiometrics is not required for this integration.