Developer Resources

Vesta provides the following resources for developers working on integrating our services into their websites:

  • API References - Complete endpoint and field definitions for implementing our APIs.
  • Behavioral Data Collector SDKs - Libraries and instructions for incorporating Vesta’s Behavioral Data Collector into your native and web applications. Download the required files from the page specific to your development platform.
  • Device Fingerprinting Integrations - Libraries and instructions for incorporating Device Fingerprinting into your application. Device Fingerprinting uses components provided by Threatmetrix to identify details about the devices used to access your services. The required files are available to download from the pages for each platform.
  • Risk Information XML - Specifications for creating an appropriate Risk Information XML. You must send the Risk Information XML as part of your request for a risk assessment.
  • Sample Apps - Example applications for multiple platforms and languages that demonstrate how to implement the components of our fraud detection platform. These applications are provided for demonstration purposes only.