Developer Resources

Vesta provides the following resources for developers working on integrating our services into their websites:

  • API References - Complete endpoint and field definitions for implementing our APIs.
  • Downloads - The most up-to-date libraries, SDKs, and supporting material for integrating the Vesta Platform into your app.
  • Behavioral Data Collector SDKs - Detailed instructions for incorporating Vesta’s Behavioral Data Collector into your native and web applications.
  • Device Fingerprinting Integrations - Detailed instructions for incorporating Device Fingerprinting into your application.
  • Risk Information XML - Specifications for creating an appropriate Risk Information XML. You must send the Risk Information XML as part of your request for a risk assessment.
  • Development Environments - Sandbox and production URLs that you may use for your integration.
  • Application Certification - Test cases that you must use to certify your application prior to moving it to the production environment.
  • Merchant Risk Profile - Instructions for formatting merchant risk profile information required by Vesta during onboarding.