Additional Features

Vesta offers the following features that extend and enhance the capabilities of our services:

  • Pending Decision - The Pending Decision add-on holds risky transactions for additional review without impacting your customer’s shopping experience.
  • Guaranteed ACH - Our partnership with Plaid applies our fraud protection to ACH and eCheck transactions.
  • Installment Payments - Adding our fraud protection to installment payments reduces your exposure to the unique risks associated with installments.
  • 3D Secure - Our 3D Secure add-on makes it easy to ensure that you apply the correct level of authentication to each transaction. Vesta manages integrations with the identity verification services, and invokes the appropriate 3DS challenge automatically or based on an API request.

Not all features are available with each of our services. The table below identifies the features that you can access, depending on your subscription:

  Payment Guarantee
(Enterprise Acquiring)
Payment Guarantee Payment Protect
3D Secure
Installment Payments    
Pending Decision  
Guaranteed ACH  

See the individual feature pages for details about activation, setup, and use of each of our features.