Account Protect

Account Protect provides the Verification and Monitoring services that protect your users from fraud at the account level:

  • Account Verification - Ensure that new accounts belong to real people.

    When a user creates a new account, Vesta analyzes the personal information supplied by the user, verifies the user’s ID documents, and creates a biometrically-encrypted vCrypt token that links user and device. These steps verify the identity of the account owner and prevent fraudulent access in the future.

  • Account Monitoring - Prevent unauthorized access and ensure account updates are valid.

    Vesta tracks user behavior and device specifics (like location) to identify potentially fraudulent login attempts. If a login attempt is suspicious, Account Protect can issue a biometric multifactor authentication challenge, or deny the login completely.

    When a user attempts to update contact information or passwords associated with an account, Vesta analyzes the user’s behavior and device profiles and issues a risk decision. If the update is suspicious, Account Protect can issue a challenge to verify the user’s identity using passwordless multifactor authentication.


Account fraud can cost you and your customers significant time and money, and can damage your brand. Account Protect combines detection and prevention of fraudulent activities at the account level, which leads to reduced fraud at the point of sale. By stopping account takeover and synthetic fraud, your company can see the following benefits:

  • Foster Trust - Verifying a new customer’s identity at account opening establishes trust with good customers and can lead to tangible and intangible benefits for your brand.
  • Protect Revenue - Account takeover fraud results in fraudulent transactions, which lead to chargeback fees and refunds. Synthetic fraud can lead to orders being shipped that will not be paid for. Account Protect saves your company money related to transaction fraud and customer losses.
  • Protect Your Brand - Exposure of personally identifying information and loss of good will due to account theft can damage your brand. Stopping account fraud protects your company from the negative image and legal consequences related to identity theft and mishandling of PII.


Account Protect includes the following features, which make it possible to protect against fraudulent account activity:

  • ID Verification - Vesta verifies identification documents provided by new users to ensure that the user is not committing identity theft.
  • Passwordless Multifactor Authentication - During account opening, Account Protect generates vCrypt Token that binds your user’s account with the device used to open the account. The token is accessed using the device’s biometric sensors. The vCrypt Token gives you a way to verify the identity and device of any person attempting to access an account on your service.
  • Device Fingerprinting - Device Fingerprinting creates a detailed record of the device being used to access your services which includes IP address, location data, cell network, and other information that can be used to determine the likelihood of fraud.
  • Behavioral Analytics - Vesta tracks how users interact with your application. When a user attempts to access or use your services, Vesta compares that user’s behavior with profiles of known fraudulent behaviors to assess the risk associated with the action.

See the How It Works page for details about how each of these features add to Account Protect’s fraud detection capabilities.


Vesta’s applications run on a secure, highly-available network operation center (NOC), which provides a 24/7/365, real-time monitoring solution. We guarantee 99.99% uptime, which is supported by dual redundancy. Vesta’s services are always reliable, scalable, and available, which protect your digital revenue streams from service interruption and fraudulent attack.

Documentation Overview

The Account Protect documentation includes details about the following topics:

  • How It Works - An overview of the technology behind our services and the use cases supported by Account Protect.
  • Account Monitoring Integration - Technical details and step-by-step guides for adding Account Monitoring to your application.
  • Account Verification Integration - Technical details and step-by-step guides for adding Account Verification to your application.
  • Developer Resources - Sample code, apps, and SDKs for integrating Vesta’s services into your application.