The WooCommerce extension adds the following Vesta services to your WooCommerce storefront:

  • Fraud Protection - Adding Vesta’s fraud protection services to your eCommerce platform makes it easy to approve more safe transactions and reject only the transactions that are fraudulent.
  • Payment Processing - If you use Vesta as your payment processor, our WooCommerce extension enables accepting payments using Vesta and all of the additional benefits that come with our payment processing service.

If you are an existing WooCommerce customer, and you want to add Vesta’s fraud protection services to your storefront, start by creating a Vesta account on our Partner Portal.


To use the WooCommerce extension you must have accounts with both Vesta and WooCommerce, and you must have installed the Vesta extension on your WooCommerce account.

Contact a Vesta Customer Success representative to enable the integration on your account and to obtain the information that you need to enter in the WooCommerce portal.


Before setting up the WooCommerce extension, contact a Vesta Customer Success representative for the values that you must enter in the extensions manager.

The steps below provide an overview of the process starting from Vesta’s Partner Portal:

  1. Navigate to the Extensions screen of the Partner Portal and click the “Setup WooCommerce” button. You will be taken the Vesta Corporation page in the WooCommerce Marketplace.

  2. Click the Download button, and follow the instructions provided by WooCommerce to add the Vesta eCommerce Extension to your WooCommerce account. You will have to log in, if you are not already.

  3. Open the WooCommerce dashboard and locate the extensions settings section.

  4. Enter the values you obtained from your Vesta Customer Success agent in the WooCommerce dashboard and save the changes.